At Ma Maison de Beauté, every single one of our clients gets the time and attention they deserve. Every customer is made to feel comfortable and content throughout the process as well as given a variety of waxing services.

We will help you achieve the beautiful, smooth skin you want for whatever event you’re preparing for. We use azulen wax with german chamomile for the perfect anti-inflammatory and soothing experience that is excellent for all skin types, especially sensitive skin. From face to bikini, Ma Maison de Beauté is ready to be your waxing salon of choice.

Face Wax$30
Lip Wax$15
Nose/Ear Wax$15
Arm Wax$35
Basic Bikini$40
Male Bikini$75
Full Leg$95
Full Leg/Brazilian$135
Full leg / Bikini$110
Half Leg / Brazilian$95
Half Leg / Bikini$75
Half Leg$55
Back Wax$65
Back Wax with Shoulders$80
Female Back$40
Chest Wax$50
Stomach Wax$30
Chest & Stomach$70