Tinting & Shaping

Everyone deserves to feel beautiful which is why we offer top of the line brow and eyelash services. Whether you’re looking for shaping or tinting, Ma Maison de Beauté’s extensive experience will always leave you with perfect brows and lashes.

Our brow and eyelash dye is comprised of natural ingredients, making it completely eye safe and we provide a variety of color options that will match most hair colors. Shaping is done with a combination of both waxing and tweezing to provide the most control over the final shape.

Eyebrow Shaping$45
Using a combination of azulen german chamomile wax and tweezing, we create a beautiful arched brow for any face.
Eyebrow Tint$20
Our dyes are made from natural ingredients, eye safe, and easily matchable to most hair colors. Roll out of bed ready to go with a prominent brow.
Lash Tint$40
Get a natural, finesse look with lash tinting. Leave mascara behind and get the appearance of long, lush eyelashes.