About Stay Cosmetics

Bylle Breaux is a lash extension technician and permanent make-up artist specializing in Powder/Ombre brows and smokey eyeliner.  She was recently featured in Voyage LA magazine as a West Hollywood Must Visit and in LA Magazine as the Best of 2020. Her Holy Grail skincare product is the Ma Maison de Beaute Retinol Eye Repair Cream (but not one week before PMU service).  “The best post treatment skincare tip I can give is sunscreen after the healing process and definitely come for your six-week perfecting service which is included in your price.  That six week appointment allows me to layer your color and perfect any shaping issue so that you get flawless PMU results.  Once you’ve healed (about 10 days), then sunscreen over the new skin is your bestie!”
To learn about Bylle’s list of services, visit her @stay.cosmetics

Permanent & Semi-Permanent Cosmetics

Bladeless Nano Brows or Combo$595
Our Nano brow service is similar to Microblading (hair strokes) except we do not use a blade. Done with a machine and a fine needle, we can add hair strokes to your brow to help them look fuller and more shapely. We can also add some shading at no additional charge.
Ombre Powder Brows$595
*Service includes a 6 week, post healed touch-up to be scheduled on service date.
Ombre or Nano Brow Touch Up$250
*Must be done within one year after original service.
Lip Blush$595
Lip blushing is a semi-permanent blush for the lips that fades over 1-2 years. Done in two sessions, lip blushing helps enhance the vermillion border and natural color of the lips making the lips look fuller and more youthful.
Eyeliner (Eyelash Enhancement)$450
*This service includes a six week touch-up if needed.
Eyeliner Touch Up$200
*Only for clients who had original work done with Bylle and would like a touch-up within six months of original appointment.
Tiny Tattoos$150
Minimalist tattoos at a maximum of one inch squared. All designs must be pre-approved before booking. Send design to info@staycosmetics.co
Add-on Tiny Tattoo$75
This is for a client who is already getting a tiny tattoo service and would ike to add an additional design so that it can be done in the same setting.
Zoom Consultation$25
Consultations can be done over zoom by booking this service and waiting for a link to be sent to you ten minutes prior to your consultation time.

New Lashes

Celestial (Classic) Lashes FullSet$225
Whispy Hybrid$250
Penumbra (mega volume) Lashes$300

Lash Fills

Celestial (classics) Fill$95
This is a 60 minute fill for existing clients who are wearing the Celestial (classic) lash extensions and still have at least 25% of their lashes remaining. Must be within four weeks of last appointment to be considered a fill
Hybrid Lash Fill$135
This is a 90 minute fill for existing clients who are wearing any type of classic/volume combination lashes or a very light set of the Penumbra lashes. Must be within four weeks of last appointment to be considered a fill.
Penumbra (mega volume) Fills$200
This is for all clients who are wearing our Penumbra or any kind of mega volume lash extension and still have 25% of their lashes remaining. Must be booked within four weeks of last set or fill.
House Call$400
This service is mobile and includes all lash extension, lash lift or brow lamination services within a 15 mile radius of Beverly Hills. Due to Covid-19, there must not be more than four people in your home at the time of service and no other person is allowed in the treatment area, including household staff and children. Clients must wear a mask during the entire service and submit to a pre-treatment temperature check.

Lash & Brow Lift

Lash Launch$130
This is a semi-permanent "lift" and curl for your natural lashes. This service is only 75 minutes and lasts 4-6 weeks. Great for stubborn lashes that are hard to curl with a hand curler. Lashes look longer and fuller every time!
Brow Lamination$95
This service is for clients who only want the brow lifting service known as BROW LAMINATION and includes tinting if chosen.
Brow Lamination Add On Service$75
Add a brow lamination to any service for only $75. Cannot be combined with permanent make-up services and must be done on the same day as other treatment.

Get your custom lashes! Book with Bylle by clicking below or text 310-927-8395